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Be who you want to be.
But make sure you have a strong foundation, you aren’t prone to giving up, and you thrive off difficulties.

Because shit out there is crazy. Life isn’t easy. Relationships fail, people won’t open doors for you, and opportunities are well hidden. Most of your learning is going to be from the hard way. It’s easy to give up because there are plenty of reasons to. All that you really have in this present timing is faith. But that’s a brilliant tool, because faith alone can change everything. Having an ounce of faith outweighs all your pains and sufferings because it brings you a kind of hope that is revitalizing. After all, most of our battles require energy that we don’t seem to have. But faith… It provides us renewable energy to keep fighting. This kind of spirit reminds us to look at the beauty that exists between all of our destruction. This hope encourages us to continue to strive for more, because there is more, and it is up to us to grab it.

Hey, none of this is easy. But give it your best and keep trying. Run the good race and finish strong.


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Who do you want to become? Set some goals and do whatever it takes to reach them. Don’t be afraid to accept new opportunities or changes along the way. Life is full of unpredictable moments and experiences and it’s rare to get what you want. So remain open to these new opportunities because you might just find that there is more to receive than you ever thought possible.

Life is already challenging and difficult. There’s no time to be down about it. The best that you can do for yourself is to be positive, be thankful, and be certain that wherever you go in this life, it will be a good one.