the happy life
full of stars

Don’t try so hard to become someone without figuring out who you are, first. As silly as it sounds, once you have a visual of who you are and once you embrace yourself, you realize that you already are someone. You are you, which is the best kind of person you can be. You are a person with substance, character, and color.
Now, that’s being someone. You stand out in your own skin.

I am writing this because I think it is important to invest in yourself in order to fully understand your own wants, needs, and passions. I know this also sounds silly, but when you think about it… How many of us really pay attention to our own wants, needs, and passions? We are more focused on what other people want from us, or what they need from us, or what they want us to be passionate about.

Be who you are and choose to bring your self to the table. People tend to notice when you are not like everyone else.



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